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Most people struggle at least once in their career with finding a job they love, staying engaged in a job they used to like, or planning a next move if they’re unhappy at work.

All are challenging situations, but perhaps the most daunting is making a professional change when you’re confused, worried, angry, or afraid. Do you want to stay in your field with a different employer? Are you ready for a lateral or similar role? Or is an about-face your only way out?

Career coaching can answer these questions. Our coaches are trained and experienced career coaches. We are ready to help you discover a best-fit career that exercises your strengths, complements your values, and aligns with your interests.

Why career coaching?

An experienced career coach is good at looking beneath the surface of your experience to find talents you never knew were there.

Your coach will ask questions you never considered and help you review your situation more objectively, parse it into options and opportunities, and create a plan to get you moving—which is the first, and oftentimes the worst, step of changing course.

It’s hard to read a label when you’re inside the jar. We’ll help you explore your situation from the inside out, to give you a new way of seeing the things you’ve been struggling with.

We are career professionals with years of experience helping people rediscover, reinvent, and relaunch. With proven job search methods and strategies for job search management, you’ll have a clear roadmap for success.

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Get Stronger

Need a professional game plan? Consider a career coach.

Betsy Taube (CPRW, CPCC)

Betsy Taube is a career coach and resume writer who has 35 years of experience in corporate communications across multiple industries. Read her full bio here.

Mir Garvy (MS, CMRW, CPRW, CPCC)

Mir Garvy is a career coach with over 20 years of professional experience, including more than a decade working as a career development pro. Read her full bio here.

Mir Garvy

Common Questions

What does a career coach do?

Just as an athletic coach pushes you physically to get stronger at your game, the job of a career coach is to challenge you mentally so you can get to the root of your motivations, your aspirations, and your potential. A good career coach asks questions. Lots of them. Some will be easy, many will be hard, but all will get you thinking in ways that can be hard to do alone. Expect a few questions that you’ve been avoiding or afraid to ask. And when answers aren’t obvious, your coach will act as your guide to exchange ideas, help you find clarity, decide on a direction, and begin building a plan.

Should I invest in a career coach?

For people trying to land that first job out of school or for individuals making mid- or late-career transitions, a career coach can be a great investment. A career coach can focus your job search and make that search faster, which means a paycheck sooner rather than later—and in exchange for work you love doing. If you aren’t sure if working with a coach is right for you, we invite you to book a free phone consultation to find out more.

What makes a good career coach?

A good career coach should be, above all else, encouraging. Compassionate, caring, and confident in your ability to grow, a career coach wants nothing more than to see their clients succeed. When you hit a roadblock in your job research, we’ll help you redirect. If an interview falls through, we’ll help you dust off and move forward. And with every win, we’ll be your loudest cheerleaders.

What will be expected of me?

Our career coaching relationships begin with conversation but you can expect to get to work in the days that follow. Assignments will be manageable, some might be tricky, and many will be fun. All are key to your success. Your homework will come with expectations and deadlines, and a big part of our job is to hold you accountable to the process we’ve agreed to complete together. Lean into the exercises, cultivate a mindset of possibility, and take ownership of the process. Partnering with a career coach is real work—but it’s a definite game changer. Are you ready?

Miranda F.
Wow, what a difference! I know when we chatted on the phone, I told you I knew I was underpaid, but I never thought I would be able to increase my pay as much as I did, and two different job offers, both with the huge jump in pay! I got an immediate reply from three out of four places I applied to. I know it is due to my resume. Wow, what a difference!
Kyle E.
You helped me strategize a plan with my unique skill set and interests. Your team is top notch; you ask the right questions, stay on top of everything, and are there with you every step of the way. If you are serious about revamping your career, you have found your team.
Michelle D.
I LOVE my new job! Throughout the process, you were very understanding and knew exactly how to highlight the areas of my work history that would allow me to change career direction and still make past work experience relevant.

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