What a Resume Should Look Like in 2020

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Job search is changing more rapidly than ever before, and resume design continues to evolve.

Apply for jobs knowing that your resume has been written and designed by experienced and industry-certified resume writers. The sample resumes on this page, written for entry- to mid-level professionals in different fields, all beat the ATS and led to interview invitations and subsequent job offers.

Resume Samples

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We happy clients

Tom C.

I accepted a new position in June. It was exactly the type of position I wanted. Success! Now, my brother is looking for someone to help update his resume. Can you help?

Will S.

Mir delivers great service with the right balance of creativity, professionalism, and detail for your needs with exceptional communication and efficiency. I will continue to highly recommend her to anyone from those getting started to even seasoned professionals looking to broaden their scope.

Mary W.

Mir excels at working with highly trained professionals pursuing new career trajectories. An entrepreneur herself, she recognizes the potential each of us has to showcase our unique strengths as we chart new paths. Working with Mir quickly demonstrated that "resume writing" has less to do with writing and more to do with curating. With keenly selecting, organizing, and presenting content. In other words, marketing. Branding. Her work is aesthetically clean and sharp, and she makes key content leap off the page. She brings her extensive industry knowledge and cutting-edge social media skills to the project of helping individuals leverage their strengths. In particular, her stellar guidance on the use of Linkedin as a powerful professional tool has been an unexpected and highly productive benefit of our collaboration. She gives her clients tools to continue to build and grow professional networks. Her contributions to my return to professional life after a sabbatical have been invaluable! And the members of her team are responsive, detail-oriented, readily accessible, and ensure that projects stay on schedule. Many thanks to all!

Anand C.

Everyone on your team is awesome. I genuinely appreciate your quick turnaround and the professionally written resume. I look forward to circling back in a few weeks to get the LinkedIn profile updated as well.

Shelley W.
5 star rating

The very first job I applied for with the new resume in hand, I got the job. Now I'm making twice as much money and work with professional, intelligent, and collaborative individuals.

Tommy T.

I got a call from Peloton recruiting, and have an interview with the CTO tomorrow! This shows how amazing you all are! It was a cold website application as I have no internal connections at all, and to pass through their exec search and get a call is amazing. Wish me luck!

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