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What Can a Resume Writer Do for You?

Actually, a lot

If you’ve never worked with a resume writer, you probably have questions.

Maybe you’ve never even heard that there are working professionals out there who, all day every day, write resumes for other people. (Yes, it’s true. Watch us work @getresumehelp.) After more than 10 years in business, here are the FAQs we get most often.

Resume Writing 101

How long should my resume be?

With resumes now being keyword optimized to rank well with applicant tracking systems (ATS), two-page resumes have become more common. For recent graduates, young professionals with limited experience, people switching career fields, or for job fair networking, however, a one-page resume can be most effective.

Do I need a different resume for each job I want to apply to?

If the jobs you are applying for are similar, you can use the same resume to apply, but it’s a good idea to make minor changes that customize it before you apply. For jobseekers with multiple career goals, two resumes are common. We suggest you limit the number of resumes to two since you can have only one LinkedIn profile.

What does it mean to use keywords in my resume and why is that important?

To beat applicant tracking systems (ATS), your resume must be highly targeted and keyword optimized for the type of job you’re targeting. Since 75% of resumes are rejected by ATS (, keyword optimization is something you can’t afford to overlook. Every resume we create is written with ATS in mind and is keyword optimized accordingly.

How can I make my resume stand out?

The basics are just as true as ever: error-free, easy to skim, well-written, and squarely focused on your goal. While it’s tempting to use graphics, colorful templates, or eye-catching fonts, these elements can be problematic for applicant tracking systems (ATS). Our resumes balance ATS-compliance with visual appeal. See resume samples.

Why should I hire a professional to write my resume?

Working with a professional resume writer is a good idea if (1) you’ve been applying for jobs but not getting called for interviews; (2) a trusted friend, co-worker, or professor has told you your resume could be stronger; or (3) you are trying to make a big leap, such as landing your first job after college, transitioning to a new industry, or moving into a management role.

Meet Our Team

Who is going to write my resume?

Our team of four includes three resume writers and a project manager. Each writer holds her CPRW certification and has years of experience writing resumes. We are based in the Raleigh-Durham area of NC, although we write resumes for people all over the country. Find us on Instagram (@getresumehelp) and LinkedIn (Mir, Kristi , Betsy, and Mary).

Do you specialize in any particular fields or industries?

After writing more than 5,000 resumes for people with diverse job titles, varied career goals, and across diverse industries, we are well-versed in many fields and industries.

How long have you been in business?

Our owner and founder, Mir Garvy, started writing resumes and LinkedIn profiles during the recession of 2008-2009. In the years since, she has steadily grown her business and her team. Get Resume Help, which serves early- and mid-career professionals, launched in early 2020 as a partner firm to Job Market Solutions.

What do your previous clients say about you?

Our clients say glowing things about their experience working with our team and about the final products we deliver. We hear things like, “amazing job,” and “so much better than I expected,” and “worth every penny.” Read reviews here.

Do you provide additional job search services?

In addition to our resume writing services, we provide LinkedIn profile writing services, and cover letter writing services. For people applying to college or grad school, we provide a college essay audit, in which we review, suggest revisions to, and proofread the personal statement that will accompany your college or grad school application.

About Our Process

What information do you need and how will you collect it?

Through our online portal, we ask you to upload your current resume, as well as three job ads of interest. We also ask you to fill out a short questionnaire. At the portal, you can pick a resume template and share other documents, such as performance reviews, school transcripts, and letters of recommendation.

How do I collaborate with my resume writer?

Our process is completely virtual. After you receive your first draft, you’ll share your feedback and copy edits using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature. Revisions are included in the cost and are important to the process. We’re expert resume writers, but you’re the expert in your experiences, skills, and goals. We need your input!

Can I ask for revisions?

Yes, of course. In fact, the first draft of your new resume often has direct questions for you, fill-in-the-blank areas for you to complete, placeholder text to help you know what information we’re missing, and so forth. We typically do three rounds of review and your accurate and thorough input at each stage is very important.

How long will it take to write my resume?

The length of time it takes to write, revise, finalize, and deliver your new resume varies from client to client. People who turn around their copyedits quickly can complete a resume in 10 to 12 business days, while some people take up to four weeks to finish. If you need your resume in less than 10 days, ask about our rush fee.

What file format will my resume be in?

We provide all final resumes in three formats: Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, and ASCII text. You own all the rights to your documents and can edit them moving forward. Also, if you ever have a data loss, we have everything backed up, so just contact us for a copy of your files.

Ordering a Resume

How much does a professionally written resume cost?

Prices vary based on whether you’re a student or recent graduate, an entry-level worker just getting started, or a working professional with eight or more years of experience. We also offer additional discounts for people who bundle services in one of our resume packages. To find out exactly what you can expect to spend, you can calculate your cost here.

Are there any hidden fees or extra charges?

Our resume writing services are billed on a per-project basis. We don’t bill on an hourly basis and we don’t limit the number of revisions you are allowed. You know, up front, exactly what your resume writing project is going to cost.

What if my parents want to pay for my resume?

If a parent or someone else has graciously offered to gift you with a new resume, we can work directly with them to process payment. When you contact us, provide your family member or friend’s name, phone number, and email address. We’ll take it from there.

Can I see samples of your work?

Yes, of course. Right on our website, on the Resume Samples page, you can see resumes for early- and mid-career professionals working in diverse industries. The resumes featured showcase some of our most popular resume templates.

How do I get started?

So glad you have decided to work with us! Next steps: (1) You can contact us if you would like to discuss your job search or need help deciding which package is right for you; or (2) You can get started on your resume writing project now by processing your payment and completing our intake form.

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